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Stratton Window

window at Stratton
stratton window with girl window with happy girl
The inn we stayed in at Stratton Mountain in Vermont had a large, tall window in the cozy room with the fireplace. My daughter and I had fun hanging out in this room. You may see that rug again for Ruby Tuesday (if I’m not too crazed with work on a Monday). I took these shots with my daughter’s Canon Power Shot Elph – the quality isn’t as good as that of my old, larger Power Shot, but the camera is a great, flat size. Good enough to share.

For more window views:

Window Views

Robin from Israel says

I must be cold because I took one look at that giant window and thought how horrible it would be to heat that room!

Time to go nuke the warm pillow again methinks.

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magiceye says

real huge windows!!
beautiful reflections

Mrs. S. says

Your daughter looks like she's having fun! :-)

Rayna Eliana says

Great shots! I love the one with your daughter! She is such a poser. LOL

Leora says

She's the opposite of my eldest son, who shies away from any publicity. But they have similar strong personalities. He can also be really funny (you should hear him do Smeagol from Lord of the Rings) when he's just among friends or family. Funny how siblings are alike and different, too.

Martha Z says

It looks like a good place to keep warm.

Mama Zen says

How fun!

Ilana-Davita says

The window is impressive and so are the stairs behind. I also like how your daughter appears bit by bit with each shot.

EG Wow says

HUGE windows. Those comfy-looking chairs would make me want to hang out there too!

VioletSky says

Love the windowed rooms. so much light.


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