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All the Lonely Radishes

radish staring out the window
There is a concept called “anthropomorphism” – one attributes human characteristics to a inanimate object. Such as a radish.

So I am imagining this radish staring out the window, wondering when other little radishes will pop up in my garden. Perhaps you have your own thoughts or feelings for the radish by the window.

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Rayna Eliana says

Great photo...the red stands out so nicely.

Manang Kim,USA says

Can I put that in my salad? ^_^ Happy Monday!
Ruby Tuesday

lola says

Love radishes! Yummy!

Happy RT!

XOXO Lola:)

felisol says

For the second time this Ruby Tuesday I had to take a walk in the googlesphere.
Cool word anthropomorphism, and since I have read Mickey Mouse since early childhood, I had no problems understanding.
I am but a humble square head from Norway, (did you know they are in a Donald Duck episode from the early sixties,- late fifties?), but I so enjoy have my horizon broadened.
I love your sweet radish head looking out for fellow playmates. I think the window/mirror may fiddle with his ego; he's looking larger, but paler than his real self.
I hope that doesn't turn him into a racist when he soon is going to meet his true relatives.
He might fall down from his high shelf.

Now, look, Leora, you have made my mind fly away from the ruby theme. I am easily challenged.
I also like the pastel background and the beautiful, almost cerise colored radish standing beautifully out.

Leora says

So glad you played along with thinking "radish."

Ilana-Davita says

I thought the radish was outside, wondering what was going on inside and whether it should go there or not.

Leora says

That's a good insight.

Nonizamboni says

Being the Queen of anthropomorphism nothing is cuter or more insightful to me than a radish looking out the window. Just waitin' for spring!

dianne says

I don't really have any thoughts for the radish but I can't stop humming the Beatles song - "ahhh look at all the lonely people/radishes"

this will go on in my head all night
Oy! :)

Leora says

Finally, someone who got the All the Lonely allusion! Sorry, it's been in my head ever since I looked at the photo on my computer (two weeks?).

Carletta says

I thought of the song too and was going to add 'waiting for others to come join in his still life'. :)

Liz says

Beautiful shot!

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BJ Roan says

I think she is watching for her man radish to come rescue her. Just off camera, there is a large bowl filled with greens and a knife waiting to snip off her ends, slice her up, and place her on top of a crisp dinner salad. lol that was fun. ;)

Robin from Israel says

Dianne beat me to it - I too immediately started humming "all the lonely radishes" in a very melancholy Beatle-esque sort of way ;).

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Carmen Henesy, Carmen's Chronicles says

Yes, that nice red radish looks like it should be accompanied by others and tossed together with some wonderful salad ingredients!!

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