Kale Radish Watercolor

radish watercolor painting
Radish Kale Nuts Parsley, Watercolor on paper, 2011 by Leora Wenger

Finally, after several months of not painting, I took out the watercolor paints yesterday. You can see some inspiration from this photograph of radishes, kale and nuts; the clementine on the left was in a different still life, and I decided that bit of orange would add to the painting.

13 thoughts on “Kale Radish Watercolor

    • I fussed and fussed over those kale leaves. I probably should have left the walnuts out… they look a little globby. Oh, dear, and I promised myself I wouldn’t criticize my own painting online.

  • How did it feel to go back to painting after a while? I hope you enjoyed it.
    We can recognize the original painting but the painting definitely has your own touch. Great job!

    • I get lost in it. Family members ask me for something, and I’m busy trying to add a few more strokes to the painting.

      I hope to keep going – would it be too much to try to do one per week? We shall see.

  • Wow, You actually know how to paint watercolor. I’m impressed by the original arrangement and the skilled technique.
    Hope you can find more time for painting, it’s good for both body and soul using one’s left brain half more. And with your result.

    I have actually tried watercolor painting, but I’m not skilled enough. Oil or gauche are better for me, then I can change and correct over and over again.
    When in London I visited Tate Britain. They had a huge watercolor exhibition just now. Amazing.
    Gunnar found that google has an exceptional project where one can virtually enter any of the major art galleries of the world and visit.
    I’ve only revisited the Uffizi so far.

    • I’ll keep that Google project in mind when I need inspiration.

      I would like to do oils again and do portraiture in oils in particular, but I would have to paint in my basement and take out more time to do so. Watercolor takes less set up and clean up. But maybe I’ll get motivated to go down to the basement and take a few hours to do oils, too. I have a friend that I want to paint; I would ask her to put up the painting in her house. I think that would be fun.

      • Portraits are my favorite too.
        Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your easel outdoors, now when spring is here?
        I have to admit, I have used pictures for my few portraits, and I am but a lousy amateur.

    • I appreciate the encouragement. Nice to notice how the painting is warmer. I guess that’s my natural way of painting, to add warmth.

  • A lovely example of why photography will never replace painting. You have taken a lovely photo and given it ‘neshama’. Yasher koach!

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