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Radish Kale Almonds

Radish Kale Parsley Almonds
I am hoping to make this display of radishes, kale, almonds, parsley and walnuts into a watercolor painting. Meanwhile, I am pleased with this photograph. I was planning to use raspberries, but it turns out we had eaten all of them.

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Jan says

I really like your composition. I would have eaten the raspberries, first, too.

gengen says

They are so healthy...HaPPY sooc Sunday.

Risa says

I am sooo jealous of anyone who can paint or draw. I have said many times that of all the talents I am not blessed with (and there are many) the one that I miss most is being able to draw what I would like.
Enjoy your talent!

Leora says

Just like anyone can learn math, anyone can learn to draw. Some of us will naturally be better at math, but one can still learn. But it is the lucky person that gets decent drawing lessons as a child.

Ilana-Davita says

Great and healthy composition!

Janis says

A picture of health!!! This will make a great painting1

Rayna Eliana says

I love the still life photograph. It is lovely. I can't wait to see the painting.


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