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Daffodil Trumpet Macro

daffodil macro
Now that I have a macro lens, I can finally participate in Macro Monday. What a pleasure to view raindrops on the trumpet of a daffodil up close. See more terrific macro shots:
Macro Monday

EG Wow says

Love those droplets on the daffodil's trumpet. Congrats on getting a macro lens!

Dew Drops says

Nice photo! Love love the raindrops!!
Macro lens' are so much fun. You get to see things from a totally different perspective!

Kala says

Lovely color and details of the drops.

magiceye says

that is lovely

Daniela says

WOW the rain drops ! Amazing shot, and such a bright wonderful yellow!

Cecilia Artista, Spain says

Yes - it is very fun to take photos with the macro lens! Lovely photo!

Hootin' Anni says

Absolutely stunning!!!

My Link for today:
Hot pink...BEAUTY and the BEAST

Janis says

Great shot...just love the rain droplets!

Laura Hegfield says

Gorgeous Leora...I will be writing about freedom/pesach later this week too. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Chag Sameach!

felisol says

You deserve a macro lens with your abilities. Great daffodil, or Easter Lily in Norwegian.
You've given it personality.

Rayna Eliana says

What a stunning capture! The tones are enhanced with the droplets and how they capture the light.


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