Review with Raritan Ave Detail

detail from Raritan Avenue watercolor
Detail from watercolor of Raritan Avenue

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  • Margo Young has a blog about her book, A Voyage Through Time. She left Germany in 1938.
  • In memory of Hannah Katsman’s father, here is a post she wrote in 2008 about her father: Holocaust Remembrance Day: One Family’s Story.
  • Rayna Eliana is often reviewing books that I would like to read, and here is one: Review – The Island Within (three generations of a Jewish family as their lives lead them from Vilna, Lithuania to America).
  • Ilana-Davita reviews The Pity of It All (informative account of German Jewish history from the arrival of Moses Mendelssohn in Berlin to Hitler’s being appointed chancellor).
  • I bet my husband would love this Lemon Pie. Oh, my daughter might enjoy it, too. By the way, I’m hosting the next Kosher Cooking Carnival (submit your posts here).

4 thoughts on “Review with Raritan Ave Detail

  • The first book you mention sounds interesting. I felt as you do about Rayna Eliana’s review.
    I have not had a chance to read the recipe for lemon pie but I usually enjoy this dessert (it used to be my favorite).
    When is the next KCC? I managed to miss the others; I might do better with this one.
    And thanks for linking to my review.

  • Arrgghh! What happened to the comment I left yesterday? I thanked you for your kind words and support throughout the shiva. But that was before I received your beautiful and original card in the “snail” mail. Thank you so much, I’m touched.

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