Jerusalem Day 5771

In honor of Jerusalem, I am posting a few pictures from our 2008 trip:

path in old city

synagogue in the old city of Jerusalem
This is a synagogue that was destroyed by the Arab Legion in 1948. Here it is, in the Old City of Jerusalem, being rebuilt. The original Hurva synagogue was built in the 18th century and destroyed by Muslims. As it lay in ruins for 140 years until being rebuilt in 1864, it became known as the Hurva, which means ruins.

migdal david
Migdal David (Tower of David) is now a fun historical museum by the Jaffa Gate. It wasn’t a museum when I first visited in 1980. You can see the winding tree sculpture on this photo of mine.

flowers in migdal david
These flowers are growing by the arch in Migdal David – you can see my photo of the arch here.

City of David ruins
If you think the “Old City” of Jerusalem is old – actually, it is new compared to the City of David. Pictured are excavations at the site. If you visit Jerusalem, I highly recommend a City of David tour.

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