Review with New Hope Bridge

Bridge in New Hope, PA
Bridge over Canal in New Hope, PA

We visited New Hope, PA last Sunday – we went on a train ride, visited the old Parry House and browsed in some shops. This photo of the bridge over the canal is my entry for Sunday Bridges.

FYI, Laura was right about the pickles: ours fermented a few days longer, and they were sharper and more sour! Yum. Use plenty of garlic, if you love the garlic flavor.

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Here’s a photo of the bridge in sepia:
New Hope bridge in sepia

9 thoughts on “Review with New Hope Bridge

  • Great, Leora! Let’s be sure to link it to Sunday Bridges this coming Saturday.
    Sunday Bridges posts at 0001 hrs central Europe time each Sunday, which will make it around 1900 hrs EST and 1600 hrs PST Saturday. ยซLouisยปwill keep your e-mail as a reminder to link it.

    The sepia tone works nicely on this old bridge.

  • Very nice shot of the bridge . . . Interesting how the photo has such a different feel in sepia.
    I have been here a couple of times–a nice place to visit. Was the train ride fun?
    Thanks for the link.
    Maybe I will see you in the park later today . . . .

  • Great perspective, with the walking path on the left, drawing the view’s eyes to the bridge. This scene looks like it could be in Europe somewhere!

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