Review with Painting

detail of still life oil painting by Elaine Wenger
detail of still life oil painting by Elaine Wenger

This is a detail of a still life painting by my mother, Elaine Wenger.

This week I converted my blog to what is known as Responsive Web Design – in other words, the blog should look good both on large windowed browsers and on small mobile phones. You can see what I mean by shrinking the corner of the browser page.

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10 thoughts on “Review with Painting

    • Thank you about the colors – someone once remarked that even though my mother and I choose different subject matter in our paintings (she often chose still life or landscape, and I love doing portraiture), our choice of vibrant colors (especially cerulean blue) is similar.

  • Interesting how you created a new image with a different feel by zooming in on that detail from the painting.
    Thanks for the link!
    Shabbat Shalom.

  • What a lovely painting! I can see where you got your talent BA”H!
    I also enjoyed your informative post about Facebook business pages. Thanks for sharing your tips.
    Shavua tov!

    • I am convinced there is a gene for visual creativity – and yes, my mother did give me that one. My eldest son seems to have inherited the math gene from my husband and from my side of the family as well. My middle son and daughter got the creativity gene.

  • Thanks for sharing your mother’s painting, it’s the colors that get me, and the hint of fruit.

    And thanks for the plug, soon you’ll be able to plug your own interview!

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