Watery Boy

beach boy
My middle son graduated from eighth grade last night and then left for camp. Today he is flying to camp, which started yesterday, as he didn’t want to miss graduation. I’m a little sad – I miss him! I know it’s a cliché, but they *do* grow up too fast.

This frolic-in-the-waves photo was taken last month at Asbury Park Beach.

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13 thoughts on “Watery Boy

  • If the photo was taken in May, then I’m guessing the water was just a bit on the chilly side!


    It doesn’t take an ocean
    Or a mighty sea,
    A simple little raindrop
    Is enough for me!

    I also like the jewels
    Scattered in the grass
    After summer thunderstorms
    Soak the earth and pass.

    There’s also perspiration
    Clinging to a nose—
    A sign of honest labor,
    Or so I suppose!

    Wonderful, most wonderful,
    Are the seven seas,
    But give me downy snowflakes
    Clinging to the trees!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Papaoneone Beach

    • Ffffffreeeeezzzzzzing! I just stuck in my toe. My husband didn’t even do that.

      Thanks for the poetry. “I also like the jewels
      Scattered in the grass
      After summer thunderstorms
      Soak the earth and pass.”

  • Lovely photo – you caught those waves perfectly.

    They do grow up so very fast – this coming from the mother of a four year old but last week she decided she could run her own bath and dress herself and I felt a little redundant.

  • Esta foto é muito boa, com movimento, luz, e seu filho se divertindo. Os filhos crescem e batem asas a procura de independência. Primeiro, acampamento, depois, estudam fora, depois se casam…é assim. Também fizemos isso com nossos pais, mas toda época é boa, e tem seus dias felizes.

  • Yeah, those are the not so pleasant sides of kids growing up! On the other hand, it also means that you have a good relationship with them. Also, you eventually get used to the separation:)

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