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Elegant Woman in Pink Painting

elegant woman painting
Elegant Woman in Pink, painting by my daughter, June 2011

My daughter painted this elegant woman in pink in her art class with teacher Jill Caporlingua. Jill has a Facebook page for her students’ art work – if you go to, you can see many paintings by a variety of students of all ages.

If you or a friend has a small business, you can learn how to put up a Facebook business page by reading Ease of a Facebook Business Page.

And I usually wait until Friday to link to other bloggers’ posts, but I did so enjoy these drawings for Jewish months by two of Mrs. S.’s children.

EG Wow says

Your daughter is very talented, Leora!

Mrs. S. says

Very pretty! (I like how she added a בס"ד in the top corner... :-) )
Thanks for the link!

Leora says

I was hoping someone would notice the בס”ד - I find it an interesting contrast with the sleeveless dress. :-)

Ilana-Davita says

This is a lovely painting. How does your daughter feel about her "online fame"?

Robin from Israel says

How beautiful. Your daughter is really growing in her art this year.

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Rayna Eliana says

Such talent! Your entire family is full of creative wonders. Your daughter's paintings and artwork always amaze me.

Michelle says

Wow...she is talented Leora...I love that...and I love pink. Tell her what a wonderful job she did....

felisol says

Your daughter is unusually talented and has a special sense of combining rare colours and wow, that hairdo and the body language of that woman; it's just stunning.
Maybe her ballet skills help her be so accurate interpreting the title "Elegant Lady".
Chagall would have loved her. So do I.

felisol says

I had to come back to bookmark your facebook business site set up.I am for the first time in my life starting on a Norwegian edition of etsy, called epla.Never thought I'd come to that. Next project; writing a novel in a group of six. That may become a greater challenge.
Love Felisol

Leora says

Glad to hear of your new venture!


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