Miniature Golf Balls

mini golf balls
Everyone in my family except me likes playing miniature golf. I get bored quickly, and I prefer taking photos of the colorful little balls.

pink golf balls
True confession – these photos were taken last spring, on two different occasions. It’s still too hot to do much outside other than swim in the pool. By the time it’s cool enough for me to spend lots of time outdoors, Robin will have closed up Summer Stock for the season.

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9 thoughts on “Miniature Golf Balls

    • I suppose you would find the variety of mini golf courses fascinating as well. Outside Boston there is one that was rather patriotic and full of Boston architecture. In the Lake George area there was one that was all about pirates.

      These two, one at Colonial Park and one at Asbury Park Beach, were rather plain in comparison.

  • So, was the first shot from Asbury Park and the second from Colonial Park? We love miniature golf and recently went to the Asbury Park course. Have you been to the course (Point Pleasant?) that is on a rooftop overlooking the ocean?

    • Yes, you got it right! I’ve seen the course at Point Pleasant, but we used to go there for the kiddie rides, before my kids were all old enough to play mini-golf. Actually, my husband and boys tended to get totally distracted by the arcade at Point Pleasant.

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