5 thoughts on “Miriyummy and KCC

  • I enjoyed getting to know you better and I did know about your artsy side more than your business side so I went to read that too and you are a very accomplished woman. I didn’t know how your Mom passed away, I am sorry…I do envy having a “Mom” relationship though but I do have a great one with my daughter especially now that she is older..Michelle

    • Michelle, it is so nice to “hear” your voice on my blog again. I treasure your comments about family. I hope I can develop my relationship with my own daughter to be special; sometimes we fight a bit too much. But then we hug.

      • Leora…I always read it, just don’t always comment, I didn’t want to make you feel that you had to read my blog as it is so different from most of your interests. But I always enjoy your comments as they are so thoughtful…Michelle

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