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Rhododendron of July

wet rhododendron leaves in July
I am always late to the photo meme first of the month. I took these photos on Sunday, July 3, and it’s almost July 5th when they are going online. It was raining and pouring and drizzling on Sunday, so the wet adds a nice look to the shrub.

bud in July of rhododendron
As the rhododendron bloomed in mid May, there is a part of me that is ready to move to a different theme for first of the month. I did learn this month that the rhododendron forms new buds quickly, as you can see in the above photo. I have been considering photographing one particular shelf of my kitchen. When August comes, you will find out if I go through with that plan.

For more photos that are (close to) first of the month:
first of the month

faye says

I get your concern about the rhodys not changing so much. They have that time when they're spectacular, but then it's just a lot of green. Like your kitchen shelf idea.

Pamela says

Whatever you shoot, I will stop by

EG Wow says

Rhodos are handsome even when aren't flowering, I think. I love their big evergreen leaves. Rain? That sounds good! I'm hoping it will rain her tonight and/or tomorrow.

Ilana-Davita says

Very refreshing photos. However since our bad weather comes from the West I am not sure I like to read about the rain you get. ;-)

Rayna Eliana says

What lovely photos...I love the droplets, adding extra light and intensity to the image.

Michelle says

Lovely photos...I had not heard of this meme....

Leora says

I always forget to do it until several days into the month.


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