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Rudbeckia in the Hand

rudbeckia being held with fingers
I had some shots of my rudbeckia (black eyed susans) even closer up, but I found this one in particular to be a charming composition. The black eyed susans grow all over my front yard. I encourage them (by not picking the little seedlings when the full grown plant self seeds).

For more macro shots, visit Macro Monday.

Kim, USA says

I love to plant black eyed susan they are pretty in summer and I think it doesn't need to much TLC. ^_^


Dimple says

It is lovely, Leora. Good color, composition, and focus!

Michelle says

How creative and I remember when I only knew the term black-eyed

Lisa's Chaos says

I've always loved these happy wildflowers. :)

Karen says

The centre looks like silk. A gorgeous macro.

Linda Makiej Photography says

Simply WoNdErFuL macro shot!!

Genie says

There is nothing sweeter and prettier that a black eyed susan blooming in a field or yard. They are one of my favorite flowers. This macro shot is superb. The detail you captured and the vibrant coloration make for a wonderful shot. Nice work. Genie

Cathy says

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Teresa says

They are wonderful! I have them growing in my pasture, and they are just delightful.

Dew Drops says

Awesome shot! Love the composition. These flowers always remind me of the sun!

Kala says

Lovely composition and details!

Ilana-Davita says

Nice composition and beautiful vivd colors.

Jama says

Stunning macro!

EG Wow says

Very nice shot, Leora. I love seeing perky black-eyed Susans in the fields and alongside country roads.

Mary says

Gorgeous! of my favorite flowers!!

Carrie T says

Great shot! They are very pretty flowers.

felisol says

I was sent out in the google's sphere with Black Eyed Susan.
Interesting flower I knew nothing about.
It is stunning,and your photo gives it great credit.

Rayna Eliana says

They are lovely flowers, and your photo is absolutely stunning. I love the texture blends.

Forgetmenot says

Lovely shot of the rudbeckia-always a great flower to have growing in your yard. Not much work and they are back the next year. I actually like your hand in the shot. Very nice. Mickie :)

Dottie Roseboom says

Love your blog, and especially this beautiful pic! We have the same philosophy about our front yards :-)


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