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Kitchen Shelf – First of Month

shelf with avocado, cantalope, garlic and butternut squash
shelf with avocado, cantalope, garlic and butternut squash

Starting a new theme this month, I plan to photograph a shelf in my kitchen where I store fruits and vegetables that don’t need refrigeration. I expect it will change each month, and maybe in the process I’ll learn a little about photographing indoor subjects.

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Jama says

I dump almost everything in the fridge, since the weather here is too hot and the vegetables left in room temperature will wilt very soon.

Emily Suess says

I love the simplicity of this theme. Everyday things can be so beautiful!

Teresa says

What a great idea for the first of the month~simple and challenging at the same time.

Ilana-Davita says

I like your new idea. Is butternut squash in season? We have some growing in the garden but so far they look more like tiny buds than squash.

Leora says

I don't think the butternut squash is local - I haven't seen it at the farmers' market - mostly zucchini there. Could be from anywhere in the U.S.

Pamela says

everything has been a bit slow around here -- with our summer being unseasonably cool. I still have bleeding hearts blooming by the patio. Usually they are gone by the first week of July. Here they are in August!

faye says

Like the idea of your "shelf" strudies. So much beauty in the commonplace.

EG Wow says

That's a very cool idea, Leora! I look forward to seeing how your shelf changes.

Sara says

An interesting concept for a monthly photograph....reminds me of a project I participated in last year hosted by some Finnish bloggers. After the year had ended, it was fun to look through and see how the locale we photographed had evolved over time. In my case, it was my kitchen window. I like your choice of a kitchen shelf. It will be fun to see what is sitting there as the year progresses.

kaye says

what a good idea--I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with each month. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Jan says

I have to use the 'frig, too. It's way too hot here. Of course if it's on a shelf, there's a constant reminder to "use me!".


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