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Rudbeckia: Red and Green

rudbeckia with oregano behind
I do like photographing rudbeckia, also known as black-eyed susan. The green plant with the white flowers behind my yellow rudbeckia is oregano.

reds behind rudbeckia
The brick red behind these rudbeckia is from fall leaves of our bald cypress tree.

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hip chick says

I love rudbeckia. It's so summer!

Carletta says

I love them too but this summer mine haven't done well. Their petals seem to come on and then fall.
Lovely shots Leora!

Luna Miranda says

these flowers are beautiful and warm sunshine.

Laura Hegfield says

Beautiful ♥

Gemma Wiseman says

Beautiful, buttery glow in this gorgeous flower!

SandyCarlson (USA) says

Fall colors! Gorgeous.

Roan says


Carver says

The rudbeckia is so beautiful and healthy. Mine is in terrible shape from the heat but hopefully recent rain will be enough to revive them.

Ilana-Davita says

Very warm photos.

Kala says

One of my favorite flowers to photograph. Great shots Leora.

Nonizamboni says

You did a lovely job capturing these summer beauties. They are so golden now.

Denise says

I love these flowers too Leora. Thank you so much for sharing their beauty with us.


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