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Squash, Avocado, Garlic, Cantalope – Sepia, Painterly, Pixelated

sepia of garlic, cantalope, squash, avocado

I took my photo of Kitchen Shelf and made it sepia. Therefore, it qualifies for Sepia Scenes.

Then I decided to make a pixelated version.

painterly garlic, cantalope, avocado, butternut squash
I added some extra color to the garlic, cantalope, avocado and butternut squash – calling this one painterly.

Ilana-Davita says

Interesting and very original.

Laura says

Nice! Interesting how it has such a different feel after pixilation and adding color.

Leora says

I put them up last night and saw more changes, more color I wanted to add. But I was tired. Next time...

lisa-marie says

Those are some of my favourite things! Yummy!

Linda Makiej Photography says

Terrific sepia shot!

Ralph says

I like the pixelated versions - they have the feel of a painting, the dabs of acrylic arranged just o for a real feel of depth, kind of like looking at a relief globe with the mountains on it when I was (much) younger. Lovely takes on a variety of great foods!

Leora says

Glad you like them, Ralph! I kind wanted to do even more with them.

Lew says

Great subject for sepia! As for my Hibiscus, it is white. We also have pink and red ones.

Tatjana Parkacheva says

Nice composition and post-processings.



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