Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls

niagara falls, rainbow bridge from the american side
Rainbow Bridge by Niagara Falls with a corner of American Falls

Rainbow Bridge spans the Niagara River, connecting the American and the Canadian side. We crossed over the bridge a few times; the above shot was taken by the American Falls.

rainbow on rainbow bridge
Rainbow on Rainbow Bridge

And we did see a rainbow on Rainbow Bridge while waiting for Canadian customs. There used to be a bridge here called Honeymoon Bridge, but it collapsed in January 1938, related to a problematic ice floe.

rainbow bridge, Canada
In the above shot you can see more of the Canadian side, including a large red sign that says “inn.” There was a large variety of inns and hotels on the Canadian side. The green structure in the front of the bridge is an observatory on the United States side.

niagara falls rainbow bridge
Update: I added one more photo of the Rainbow Bridge; this one is taken from the Canadian side, and you can see the whole bridge in the distance. The building in the foreground (one can see the roofs) is the Canadian visitor center for the Horseshoe Falls.

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There is a special blessing for seeing a rainbow, about remembering the covenant. My sons said it as we waited for customs.

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