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Fence with Mums

fence with mums
A fence in our yard – one can see the mums in the front of our house in the distance. The burning bush is right above the fence. Today it snowed – who knows how this fence with mums scene will look tomorrow!

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Batya says

interesting, though I would like a clear mum and blurry fence

Leora says

I took that photo (mum clear, fence blurred), and I liked this one much better.

Carole M. says

Hello Leora; thanks for coming by my blog. This is a lovely photo with strong contrasts between the fore-fence and the hot-pink mums in the distance.

Louis la Vache says

A fine SOOC image, Leora.

Mrs. S. says

Great shot!

It's hard to imagine snow. Here, we're enjoying gorgeous blue skies and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70's. :-)

NatureFootstep2 says

you had snow? Not godo. Glad your fence dont have it. The fence is good as it is. :)

Emily Suess says

I like it.

And I can't believe the snow is already falling for you guys. Stay warm!

Kim,USA says

Beautiful composition Leora.

Collage of Roses

Lighthousegal says

Lovely photo. I bet it does look different with snow. I can't believe there is already snow in areas of the US. Trick or Treating in the snow...crazy.
Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I hope you visit again and feel free to follow along!

Kala says

Wonderful composition & selective focus on the fence.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice shot! I feel like pushing the fence and stepping in your garden.
We have had such glorious weather in the South of France (outside meals included) that it is hard to imagine you got snow to the point of your children not going to school had so much snow your children cold not go to school.
Did you take a photo of the fence with snow?

Leora says

No, I didn't get the fence with snow, but I did get a bit of foliage with snow yesterday.

My boys have no school because of power outages in Teaneck. The snow is just bits and pieces of white on the ground today.


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