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Red Pomegranate Seeds

pomegranate open to see red seeds
I bought a pomegranate a month ago for Rosh Hashana, and it was disappointing and too white inside, not quite ripe. The seeds were bitter. On a whim, I decided to try again on Friday and was pleased to find bright red pomegranate seeds inside the pomegranate.

pomegranate opened up to see red seeds

Pomegranates have Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and are considered to be anti-inflammatory.

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And here’s my watercolor of a pomegranate.

Ralph says

These are fine rubies - the pomegranate seeds not only look luscious, they have that unique sweet crunchy texture. Seeds we can eat - neat!


Kim,USA says

Leora, these shots are so beautiful!

Collage of Roses

Lola says

So ruby red!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Here’s mine!

Karen says

Like little jewels. I love pomegranates!

Carletta says

Love that first closeup!
The little red seeds have a ruby glow!

Pekka says

Something good to eat? Very difficult to find here in Finland. :-)

Helen Campbell says

Pomegranates are so pretty!

Ilana-Davita says

Lovely dark red!

felisol says

Your pomegranates are looking so delicious, I want to go to nearest finer grocery store and buy at least one.
For forty years I know knew pomegranate from King Solomon and his Song of Songs.
I actually was a bit disappointed when I first tasted one. Such small parts of the fruit were edible. Then I tried again, and wow, tasty! Expensive though, 3 US dollars for one granate-apple as they are called here.

Liz says

So red... and healthy!

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Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA says

So you went back to the first one? That can't be. You must mean you tried a different one purchased at the same time. They do ripen a bit off the tree. I used to live in Northern California, and people did grow them there. That and persimmons, look so nice hanging on the trees, about this time of year. Love the glistening ruby color of your pretty seeds.

Jama says

I can easily find the pomegranate tree here, almost all Chinese would have a pot of them outside their home, something about good luck I think..

Robin from Israel says

Yum, I love pomegranates!

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lina @women's perspectives says

I should try this!

dianne says

they look so juicy!

EG Wow says

Yum! I very much like pomegranates.

Louis la Vache says

Excellent choice for Ruby Tuesday!


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