Pomegranate Seed and Rhododendron Leaves

pomegranate seed among canning jars
I took a piece of pomegranate and put it amongst my canning jars (and there’s a water bottle in the back). So it looks like a pomegranate seed among glass. I have a lot of canning jars because I’ve been pickling and more recently I sprouted some lentils.

rhododenron fall leaves
My original First of the Month was the rhododendron shrub – above is rhododendron leaves in late October. Below are May, April and February.
rhododendron mid may rhododendron buds in April 2011 rhododendron february snowy

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Watercolor: Pomegranate

One traditionally eats pomegranate on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, and thus I have been working on a watercolor of a pomegranate as part of my series on the food symbols of this holiday.

The prayer that one says, the yehi ratzon, is as follows:
“she’nirbeh ze’chu’yos k’rimon”
“…that our merits increase like (the seeds of) a pomegranate.”

 You can read more about the pomegranate in this Jewish Action article.

 About the watercolor painting process

Enjoy the watercolor pomegranate!