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Watercolor: Pomegranate

One traditionally eats pomegranate on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, and thus I have been working on a watercolor of a pomegranate as part of my series on the food symbols of this holiday.

The prayer that one says, the yehi ratzon, is as follows:
“she’nirbeh ze’chu’yos k’rimon”
“…that our merits increase like (the seeds of) a pomegranate.”

 You can read more about the pomegranate in this Jewish Action article.

 About the watercolor painting process

Enjoy the watercolor pomegranate!

Ilana-Davita says

This is beautiful. Congratulations. Your illustrations are sodelightful they could be used for decorating a succah.

Robin says

Beautiful! Shana tova my friend.

Jientje says

Of course you can borrow the picture!
Just leave my name on it, okay?

A Simple Jew says

VERY nice!

Daniel Saunders says

I really like this, especially the contrast between the red of the pomegranite and the dark surroundings. I also agree with Ilana-Davita about using it to decorate a succah.

Lucy says

Your painting is delightful! My mother taught me to eat pomegranates before most people new what they were. People thought I so weird eating those funny looking little seeds!

Gail says

Decorate a succah and also, a perfect New Year's card. Really lovely.

Louise says

This is just beautiful.

Carol says

It's lovely! the colors are as refreshing as the fruit. I enjoyed following the process from beginning to end and I look forward to the rest of the series.

Baila says

It's gorgeous!

Marie says

You have a great blog!

phyllis says

ooh i love it!!!! beautiful.

Carletta says

Another gorgeous painting!

Lorri says

This is absolutely beautiful, and I love the tones and blend of textures you managed to capture.

May I use this (with links and copyright) in my own blog in the next couple of days?

Here is a link to the synagogue I featured in my latest post.

Fish Whisperer says

Lovely picture you are very talented. Thank you for the get well words.


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