Pomegranate Seed and Rhododendron Leaves

pomegranate seed among canning jars
I took a piece of pomegranate and put it amongst my canning jars (and there’s a water bottle in the back). So it looks like a pomegranate seed among glass. I have a lot of canning jars because I’ve been pickling and more recently I sprouted some lentils.

rhododenron fall leaves
My original First of the Month was the rhododendron shrub – above is rhododendron leaves in late October. Below are May, April and February.
rhododendron mid may rhododendron buds in April 2011 rhododendron february snowy

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12 thoughts on “Pomegranate Seed and Rhododendron Leaves

  • Very cool looking shot of the seed mixed with the glass. But what are you going to do with the sprouted lentils? Almost exactly a year ago, Julie told me she took a class about sprouting grains and making sprouted bread from it (the teacher herself uses salt from the Dead Sea and olive oil, mixed with the ground sprouted grains). If you decide to try that, let me know!

    • We ate them. They taste good in salad.

      I’ve thought about making sprouted grain bread, but it’s a fair amount of work. Not really motivated to do it.

      • Oh, you eat them plain . . . Interesting. I don’t see a post about making sprouts on your site. Maybe you could post about making sprouts? This sounds like a fairly easy and healthy thing to make. And I totally see you point about sprouted bread . . .

  • Love pomegranates in all forms of paintings–watercolor, oils, pencil–both the whole fruit and broken open so you can see the seeds as in your photo. Very artistic! I love your beauty in ordinary things approach to this meme.

  • I remember canning with my 1st Mother-in-law.. She used to do grape jelly because she and her husband grew concord grapes.. also pickles and other vegetables that she grew.. I never did it on my own though…Michelle

      • I saw someone talking on the news about sprouts and how he would never eat them unless he grew them himself…all these foods I love and they are all involved in or have been involved in some contamination…so you are on to a good thing…

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