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JPiX Fall 2011 Blog Carnival

Welcome to JPiX – the Jewish Photo Blogger’s Blog Carnival, Fall 2011 edition. Thanks to everyone who participated. We have a village in France, Rosh Hashana challah, Kfar Adumim, an olive oil factory, havdalah, a Jewish wedding, a lion in Jerusalem and more.

Left to right: Ilana-Davita, G6 and Wing Chun Jew (aka Jacob da Jew):
plaque le Chambon G6 challah for rosh hashana wing chun jew

batya kfar adumim museum garden pot soil Israel

Chosid’s Blog (Leah):
men at weddinghavdalah cup candle spices sukkah leaves

Real Jerusalem Streets (Sharon):
Lion mural  lone soldier in Israel

Cosmic X:
givat shaul  givat shaul

Mrs. S:
olive oil factory sunset

etrog watercolor pomegranate open to see red seeds dates in front of palm tree, watercolor on paper

I hope you will take the time to visit the photographers’ blogs and leave comments. The next JPiX will be in the spring. If you want to participate, please submit an entry here. If you are brave enough to volunteer to host, please contact me, and we can discuss the details.

Risa says

Lovely, well done!

Robin from Israel says

Aack, I completely forgot! I'm so sorry. Really lovely images and post.

Leora says

OK, there's next spring...

Ilana-Davita says

Great Job Leora! Thanks for adding my post.

Batya says

Lovely JPIX; thanks so much.

Sharon A says

Thanks! Beautiful!

Mrs. S. says

Gorgeous images!
Thank you for including my posts, and shavua tov!

felisol says

Beautiful and moving pictures from a variety of Jewish communities.
I especially was intrigued by Leah's blog and pictures.

Cosmic X says

Well done...thanks for the links!

felisol says

I forgot to tell, Norway has a tradition of arranging an anti Nazi demonstration on November 9th, the Crystal Night.
I know that both in Bergen and Oslo there will be held torchlight processions. In Haugesund there will be a speech by the memorial stone over Moritz Rabinowitz, the man who loved Haugesund, but whose love was not fully acknowledged till after his death. He was a brave writers of letters to newspapers and politicians, not only in Norway, but throughout Europe. He stood on the Nazis capture list as they invaded Norway. The only Jew in Haugesund. He managed to keep hidden for almost a year, before he was caught and sent to Germany to be tortured and killed.This year it's a hundred years since he came to Haugesund from Poland. There will be a memorial here too. Alas I must go and see my mother home from hospital that very day. She's going to live alone in her old home, after her own will. Stubborn as a mule, but lovable like an angel.
I hope your niece get to attend to the procession in Bergen. Of course she does. She's a remarkable and fully bright person.
I hope we will soon meet. We are a bit busy with my mother for the time being, travelling to and from all the time. I read her blog with great interest.

Leora says

Thank you so much for this information, Felisol. Maybe it will become a post... best wishes to your mother.

Louis la Vache says

What fun to see all of these pictures!
«Louis» still likes your pomegranate shot.

Leora says

Me, too. ;-D


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