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Nature Notes: Foliage 2011

Foliage in Highland Park in early November
My daughter and I went for a walk to the library today, and we enjoyed looking at the brightly colored trees. She was off from school because of some teacher enhancement enrichment something-or-another day.

oak leaves
The oak leaves are certainly multi-colored.

blueberry bush with foliage
I really enjoyed the colors of my neighbor’s blueberry bush.

high school with red foliage
The local high school looked pretty with the adorning red maple in front.

snow on the ground with red foliage
Hard to believe a week ago we had snow on the ground – this has been a varied fall for foliage 2011.

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Carver says

Wonderful look at the trees in your neck of the woods. I love this time of the year.

Risa says

Amazing photos! When I see these I really miss the NY metropolitan area. (it passes though).

Ilana-Davita says

Magnificent Fall photos. Lots of warm colors. I think my favorite is the fourth one even if I find them all wonderful.

Mrs. S. says

Gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing them with us.

"some teacher enhancement enrichment something-or-another day."
LOL! :-)

Leora says

Thanks for picking up on my little bit of sarcastic humor!

EG Wow says

It is hard to believe you've already had snow. It's nice to see you are back to enjoying a normal autumn. The colour of the leaves is scrumptious!

Louis la Vache says

hee hee... «Louis» noted your sarcasm about the "teacher enhancement enrichment something-or-other day".
He could have a little fun with that, too, but he will pass this opportunity to ridicule the educrat establishment....You know «Louis» well enough to know where he likely would go with that! ;-D

You've assembled a fine collection of autumn foliage images here.

floristinpenang says

Thanks for the beautiful pics.God is beautiful and he loves beautiful things. :-)

Laura says

Beautiful! HP always looks a little prettier through your lens. My kids collected leaves that same something-or-other-day. So it wasn't a *totally* unproductive day for them. . . . (and, like Mrs. S, I am also amused by your snarky description of the day off)

Leora says

I hope the teachers gained by the day! It just made me a little disoriented because of other priorities (like work deadlines).

Jennifer says

What a lovely collection, the blueberry bush is really gorgeous. I approve of the fact that the photos were taken on the way to the library ;)

Michelle says

You may have had better color in your area then we did..I love oak leaves, there is something so interesting about their shape.. I didn't like the teacher conference days..I would have rather been teaching and there was nothing to feel enriched about in them.....Michelle

Carletta says

Your beautiful shots have me lamenting the fact that our leaves have turned brown and dotted the lawn everywhere. I have a huge oak tree that is now bare.
Lovely fall images!

Celeste says

Hi Leora, I have finally found your blog! I was trying to link to it through the comment you left on my blog but now I have gone back to Michelle's page I have managed to get it right :)
Stunning autumn colours, there is nothing richer. Thank you for sharing.

felisol says

Lucky you, walking with your daughter in such bright autumn sun and the wonderful shades of red foliage lightening your day.
I guess your daughter was all happiness with her day with her Mama instead of school.


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