Azalea, Andromeda and Dogwood Blossoms

azalea and andromeda bushes
I call this photo “Azalea, meet Andromeda.”

dogwood flowers
My neighbor’s dogwood tree is once again flowering. My dogwood photos from 2008 are one of the most popular posts on this blog.

dogwood blossoms
Dogwood blossoms are a pleasure, but one needs to be fast with the camera or the dogwood blossom season will be done.

One downside of the abundant blossoms in our area is my stuffed nose. Any of you allergy sufferers? A friend of my daughter’s hates spring because of allergies. Sigh.

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10 thoughts on “Azalea, Andromeda and Dogwood Blossoms

  • The dogwood blossoms are very beautiful. I also love the azalea meets adromeda. I have trouble with oak tree pollen most spring seasons but this year rain saved me. We’ve had a lot of rain and that helps a bunch with allergy issues for me.

    • We haven’t had a lot of rain. As a matter of fact, I should go water my front garden. I decided to put up the Nature Notes post first…

  • The colors are absolutely delightful. Not only as far as the flowers are concerned but also in the backgrounds you have created: the contrasting dark green in the second photo and the blurred green with pink spots in the last one.

  • The dogwood blooms are a great color! I don’t have allergies, but one of my sons does, and I feel so bad for him 🙁 Hang in there!

  • These are beautiful photos Leora…I said on another post that my daughter has been to the eye doctor 3 times because of swelling of her eyes due to allergies. This is the worst it has ever been for her…Mine are controlled pretty well…Michelle

    • Oh, your poor daughter. My son had it bad one day this week – he came home all stuffed and exhausted. I gave him Xlear (it has Xylitol and grapefruit extract) and two bowls of chicken vegetable broth. That and sleep helped him out.

  • These plants are alien to me as i am in the hot tropics, but your photos are all lovely. I saw in one blog about dogwoods looking like cherry blossoms lining a very long street.

    • Funny, they are so commonplace in New Jersey! Dogwoods bloom soon after the cherry blossoms (which bloom after the magnolias which bloom after the crocuses).

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