Mexican Poppies Instead of Grass

Mexican poppies pink
In my front yard many pink Mexican poppies are in bloom. My husband remembers the days when he had to mow the front lawn – no more.

poppies and salvia
There is also purple salvia growing behind the pink Mexican poppies.

lambs ear with Mexican poppies
The tall green plants behind the Mexican poppies in this shot are lambs’ ear. I originally planted a few that I transported from my mother’s garden in Newton, MA. That was in 1998, so these have been reproducing for over ten years. I’ll probably pull most of them out soon and replace them with summer plants, maybe cucumber plants that I grow among the flowers.

These flowering chives are growing in a pot in my backyard, but since they are in a pot, I could easily transfer them to the front.

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19 thoughts on “Mexican Poppies Instead of Grass

  • The mexican poppies are very beautiful. Much better than a lawn. I also like flowering chives. I used to have a lot of that here.

  • Your poppies are lovely and your garden looks beautiful. Here it has been so cold and rainy since the beginning of April that everything is late and the flowers are still rare. Nice to see it’s different in your own yard.

    • Everything on the U.S. east coast seems to be early. Carver, who is much further south, had a lot of early flowers, too. We have had bountiful rains this spring.

  • Oh a lawn with no grass would be a dream….I love this and I agree a photo of the whole lawn would be wonderful..I had hopes of putting in a large garden bed in the front this season, but I can’t with my back so I will enjoy the photos of yours.. Thank you for your kind comments. I am doing the computer in little bits so I am not sitting long, but I really enjoy seeing all the nature in other parts of the world….Michelle

  • Your mother lives in Newton? My husband and I lived there from 1993-1996, right before we made aliya…
    You have a beautiful garden!

    • My mother z”l is no longer alive. But she was living there in until 1998, when she died. She was diagnosed with cancer right after our wedding in 1993.

      I grew up in Newton.

  • these are fantastic flowers but very very hard to find do you happen to know where she got them and were they seed’s or plant’s please help

    hard to find

    • Thanks, Randy. I can’t remember where I got them. I used to go to a nursery in North Brunswick, NJ, but it since got bought out and is nowhere nearly as good quality as it was ten years ago.

      I do find it is hard to keep them alive from year to year… I will see if I get any this spring. I am keeping some greens alive that might possibly bloom.

  • My Mexican Poppies have proliferated to such a point they crowd out all my other flowers, lillies, peonies, various bulbs….they come back every year & have deep roots. Any idea how to harness them back? Or just kill them off. I get a few hard freezes here in the high desert, they don’t seem to mind, Roundup helps, at least I think. Any advece?

    • Merry, I don’t know how to control your Mexican poppies, but I hate that you are using Roundup. Not good for any of us, in terms of our health.

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