Night Out in Highland Park

Night Out in Highland Park, New Jersey
One of the benefits of living in a small town like Highland Park, New Jersey are the events like the recent one for National Night Out. Night Out in Highland Park was celebrated with booths, balloons and fun activities for kids.

climbing tower
It was cool to watch kids scampering up this climbing tower.

announcers booth at Night Out Highland Park, New Jersey
There were announcers in the back calling out names of various winners of prizes. Local businesses had donated the prizes.

dunking booth at Night Out, Highland Park, New Jersey
My favorite part of the evening was the dunking booth. Later in the evening, after I had left, the person sitting in the dunking booth was Mayor Gary Minkoff, but I had already gone home by then. One of my friends said her son managed to dunk Mayor Gary on his first throw. Great shot!

The fire trucks were fun to view. I’m not sure how to show this image – horizontally or vertically. Looks like it really belongs at an angle.

Does your area have local events? What kinds? Which ones do you enjoy most?

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