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Mount Greylock Views

Mount Greylock view
When you reach the top of Mount Greylock in the Berkshire Mountains, you are rewarded with lovely views. It looks a bit like a puzzle, the Mount Greylock views below and across (one can see more mountains in the distance).

greylock tower
If you climb this tower on the top of Mount Greylock, you see even more views. My husband and two sons climbed to the top. My daughter and I wandered around below, looking down at the landscape.

inscription on base of Mount Greylock tower
There is an inscription in honor of soldiers at the base of the Mount Greylock tower. You can also find two quotes from Henry David Thoreau at the top of Mount Greylock. Supposedly, he too as some point in the 19th century climbed this mountain.

mount greylock view with lake
I don’t know who the man in the yellow shirt is, but he added a nice contrast to the scene of the lake or pond below the mountain.

bascomb lodge on Mount Greylock
Need refreshment? There is a little cafe in the Bascomb Lodge at the top of Mount Greylock.

entrance to bascomb lodge and butterfly garden
At the entrance to the Bascomb Lodge is a butterfly garden. I’ll save my butterfly shots for another post. There are also butterfly-friendly flowers all over the top of Mount Greylock.

Mount Greylock view west
On the way down the mountain, we took the Overview Trail. I was hoping for several scenic views on the trail, but we were only rewarded with this one scenic vista looking west.

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Hannah says

Lovely scenery which reminds me of the "Massif Central" in France!

Lesley says

That is a very impressive looking tower! I like to be rewarded with a great view and refreshments after a long climb :)

magiceye says

Loved the tower!

Rajesh says

The tower looks great and view from the top is amazing.

Indrani says

Great coverage of the trip. Terrific shots.

Eileen says

Leora, lovely views and scenery. The lake is pretty and the tower is neat. Wonderful photos. Have a great week ahead.

Carver says

The views are wonderful and an interesting post.

Boom & Gary says

Grand area!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

LindyLouMacinItaly says

Calling by from Our World Tuesday, what a lovely series of photos from your part of the world.

genie says

Leora...What a nice series of pictures. The tower is really beautiful with it carving and top piece, but I would have to be content looking at it form the ground rather than walking up to the top. Bet the view from the top is awesome. genie

Jewaicious says

What beautiful captures, and breathtaking overviews.

Mrs. S. says

Looks like a great vacation spot!


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