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Review with Swirly Gigs

swirly gigs
Swirly Gigs created in Illustrator – for the sole purpose of putting some swirls on a post

I’m not sure what the above represents – does it need to represent anything? I’ve been practicing swirls in the software program Illustrator. You can also create patterns with Illustrator. Maybe what this design needs is some nice patterned wallpaper behind it. Stay tuned to see if I play around with it more.

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Interview with Debra Walk

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

  • Thinking and praying for Michelle as she writes about her breast cancer. Her surgeon said mastectomy, but “the good news is that there probably isn’t any invasive cancer and that this is treatable by removal.”
  • Ilana-Davita has been reading some scholarly posts – check out this one on Hapax Legomenon (and don’t let the title scare you – it’s not hard to understand).
  • Lorri has been reading and reading some more – read her review of The Life of an Unknown Man.
  • Laura posted Asian Roasted Broccoli – yum, great picture.
  • Update: a bloody artsy post has gone up … by the kids of Mrs. S.
Lorri says

Thank you for the link, Leora.

I love the colors of your swirly gig! No, it does not need to represent anything in particular, in my opinion. That is the fun of creativeness.

Indeed, I have been praying for Michelle.

I need to check out Laura's post.

Shabbat Shalom!

Leora says

I like the idea of just being creative to be creative, without the pressure of it being for some reason.

Hannah says

Thank you for linking to my blog. The swirls make me think of a bird.
Shabbat Shalom!

Leora says

Yes, I thought of a bird or a flying bug. Something with wings ...

Laura says

Thanks for the link.
The swirly gigs make me think of fireworks. It doesn't have to represent anything, but it definitely has a positive energy feel to it.
My thoughts and prayers are with Michelle.
Shabbot Shalom!

Leora says

Fireworks - that's a new observation. I like it.

Mrs. S. says

"a bloody artsy post"
LOL! :-)
Thanks for the link, and shavua tov!

Leora says

I'm glad you enjoyed my description, Mrs. S. It's a photogenic parsha, and your kids lived up to its drama.


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