Rough Sketches

hank drawing
In my efforts to increase my posting of rough sketches (and to continue to inspire my own drawing on and off the computer), I am presenting three sketches. The one above is done in pen on paper – it is a copy of a John Neill drawing from Tik Tok of Oz, a book by L. Frank Baum. The character is a talking mule called Hank (he is the mule of Betsy Bobbin).

daughter crayons
This one is of my daughter, although she looks at least five years older than she is in real life in this quick colored pencil sketch. The challenge (from the book A Drawing a Day) was to choose five colors not necessarily in the image and draw.

boots drawn with iDraw on an iPad mini
This is my favorite of this post: a drawing done with iDraw on an iPad mini of my daughter’s boots. I am quite pleased with the result. Using iDraw is like a cross between finger painting and Photoshop.

Someone wanted recommendations for books that teach drawing. I will mention two that I own:

  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards
  • The Natural Way to Draw, Kimon Nicolaides

Both emphasize learning to see. We may think we are seeing, but usually, we are creating a symbol for how our left brain thinks an object should be.

Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions for renaming this blog! The blog renaming process may not happen for a bit, as I’ve been busy with paid gigs, I need to redo the header for this blog (which takes time), and no one is paying me to redo my own blog header.

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9 thoughts on “Rough Sketches

  • Have you finally settled on a name?
    Thanks for sharing your drawings (all very different); I like the mule!
    iDraw sounds like an interesting app to add to the iPad.

    • Regarding a name, I go back and forth on a final selection, but it will have the word “sketch.”

      I like iDraw, though it isn’t easy to figure out where everything is. The only documentation are files that come with the program. Whatever I found online was for the Mac itself, not for the iPad.

    • I had fun with all these drawings. I’m trying to let go and not get so into the “perfection” of drawing. Not easy. That was one reason I quit formal creative writing. I have no plans to quit art! Appreciate the kind words, Miriam.

  • I like the middle one done with colored pencil(?)…a self-portrait of the observer/drawer(?)-girl drawing the best -MB

    • Michael, thanks so much for leaving the comment here. I get to save it forever! It means a lot to me that different people respond to different drawings.

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