Drawing: Boy Talks to Fisherman

boy with fisherman
I did a sketch/drawing last Sunday of the boy talking to the fisherman. You can see the first sketch and learn a little about the background of the subject matter: a colored pencil drawing. I keep thinking I should perhaps go back to oils to get more control, especially since I am working on human beings. But oils take a lot of preparation time just to get started painting. Maybe I will try ink and some watercolor. Or some other combination.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading/looking/commenting. If you like, you can take a stab at this question: What the fisherman is thinking?

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11 thoughts on “Drawing: Boy Talks to Fisherman

  • “I wish I understood what G-d wants from me. Why did He put this kid here now? He looks so much like Mikey. I can see him out of the corner of my eye… but I can’t bring myself to look at him. It’s too damn soon, G-d, okay?

    “He’s asking questions just like Mikey used to ask. ‘Why does the fish like worms? How long do you have to wait before you catch a fish? Does it scare you when the fish fights?’

    “I really can’t take this, G-d. Why today? What can I say to this kid? What do you want from me???”

  • I like the composition, the way that we can see the boy’s face and its animation, but the man is turned away so that we just see his back, and not even what his hands are doing. It really captures the feeling of what it is like when an excited and curious child comes up to an adult that is fully absorbed in a task. What does the adult think about? The task they are engaged in? The child’s questions? The picture captures the tension between focusing on a task and engaging fully with a child’s interest in what you are doing. Maybe the fisherman is pleased with the child’s interest and wants to share his knowledge. Like you said, who knows?

  • This is a lovely sketch. It seems to me that the man has stopped his fishing, momentarily, while talking with the boy. I like how we can see the boy’s mouth open, giving the impression that he is speaking. The man is holding back on the fishing pole, seemingly explaining something to the boy, such as how to use the pole, or holding back in order to listen to the boy. I like the relaxed looking stance of the man.

    Good job, Leora! 🙂

  • It is difficult to tell whether the man is pleased to see a boy who is interested in his activity or eager to resume fishing.
    Very nice though!

    • Funny, I’m thinking he (the fisherman) might be a bit irritated by the boy’s persistence, though flattered at the same time.

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