Thursday Challenge: Lilac Flowers

lilac flower
I love walking by my neighbor’s lilac bush at this time of year. I have fond childhood memories of sniffing lilac flowers at a bush near my home. Do you have any memories of lilacs?

This week’s Thursday Challenge theme is: NATURE (Rivers, Mountains, Rocks, Trees, Sky,…).

Next week is WET (Beverages, Rain, Swimming Pool, Fountain, Puddle, Water,…).

20 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge: Lilac Flowers

  • Lovely picture of the buds! I also liked the pictures of the blossoms of spring 🙂
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my post Leora!

  • One of my most pleasant memories from childhood deals with lilacs. In addition to the two large lilacs on either side of my parents’ front gate, a hedge of lilacs also flanked the fence that separated our front yard from the neighbor’s large garden. In the spring when it began to get warm and the lilacs would send their heady scent all over the place, scores upon scores of big black and white butterflies would descend on the lilacs. I would spend hours out by those trees. Of course in later years, fewer butterflies came back (probably due to pollution I guess), and then my dad eventually cut down the lilacs when the old neighbor man died and no longer kept them all neatly clipped. Needless to say, I planted two lilac bushes in the backyard of my house. Not because I like how they smell, but because of my memories of the butterflies. Interesting what one photo can trigger….

  • My parents have had a few lilacs separating their back yard from the neighbors for going 30 years or more. I don’t always see them everywhere but it is a smell I will always remember.

    The one I seem to always find Hugh is dogwoods. My father grew up on Delaware. And liked to tell me stories of growing up surrounded by them. Now I can find them everywhere.

  • Lovely shot! The lilac tree in our garden comes from my mother’s garden so I like to think that the smell is the one I smelled as a child.

  • I have a lilac bush just outside my front door. It is the first bush I planted when we moved into our new home 12 years ago. It’s the first bush I ever planted period. It was supposed to be a dwarf lilac. I suppose the fact that 12 years later it’s not a tree proves that it’s not, but it has reached six feet. When it flowers I know that not only is it spring, but I’m about to go on holiday. 🙂

  • Lovely! I have a lilac bush outside my window and looking at it just makes me happy. Speaking of lovely blooms, I have noticed around town lots of trees weighed down with pink blooms. Do you know what kind of tree that is? There is particularly nice tree on South Fourth across from Kreitman’s office. The branches overhand the sidewalk and form a gorgeous pink canopy.

    • I am going to have to take a look at the trees you mention, Laura. I saw one on North Sixth that I didn’t yet know. Such a pretty time of year here.

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