Review with Rose Garden

rose garden at liberty hall museum
The rose garden at historic Liberty Hall Museum in Union, New Jersey

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14 thoughts on “Review with Rose Garden

  • I love the garden view–and I never heard of this historic site before. I looked it up–very interesting!

    Thanks for the link. Shabbat Shalom!

  • Reminds me that I will need to visit the rose garden and botanical garden in Boise once I’m back. Along with the outstanding Idaho Shakespeare Festival, those are a few of the things I have missed the most. (Yes, one can find great theater in Idaho…) Plus, the grounds of the theater have all sorts of walking paths that meander through flowers. See what one picture can invoke? Your posts make me realize I’m more of a sucker for flowers than I thought 😉

    • My camera seems to steer itself toward a beautiful flower.

      I remember the lovely gardens at Tanglewood (in western MA). One day I’ll get my family to visit (or maybe just my husband and I will go).

    • We happened to be there in June. I showed my daughter the green mums – I said in the fall, these will be in bloom and not the roses.

  • Have you been to the rose garden in Colonial Park recently? We went a few weeks ago – GORGEOUS. Would roses still be in bloom now? Be sure to bring your camera if you go!

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