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Jacaranda Trees with Purple Blooms

jacaranda tree in bloom in Nahariya, Israel

jacaranda tree in Naharia, Israel
When I was in Beit Shemesh, Israel, I saw some beautiful trees with purple blooms. I saw them again in Naharia, a northern beach town in the Galil. The jacaranda blooms above are in Naharia. Then I visited Ma’alot, and I was pleasantly surprised by yet more jacaranda blooms.

According to this Flowers in Israel post, jacaranda trees are originally from South America. Looks like the Hebrew name is סיגלון.

Derivation of the botanical name:
Jacaranda, a Brazilian vernacular name.
acutifolia, with pointed leaves.
mimosifolia, with leaves like genus Mimosa.

On the Wikipedia page for jacaranda it says: This article’s factual accuracy is disputed. I wonder why. See also: Jacaranda mimosifolia:

The Blue Jacaranda has been cultivated in almost every part of the world where there is no risk of frost; established trees can however tolerate brief spells of temperatures down to around −7°C (20°F). In the USA, 30 miles east of Los Angeles where winter temps can dip to 10 degrees F (-12 C) for short several-hour periods, the mature tree survives with little or no visible damage.

jacaranda tree blooms in Maalot Israel with Israeli flag below
This jacaranda tree (above and below) was photographed in Ma’alot, Israel. Ma’alot is about twenty minutes inland from Nahariya, Israel.

Blue Jacaranda in Maalot

The name may be Blue Jacaranda, but I think those blooms are purple. How about you? Do you think this is some botanist’s desire to see blue in nature?

Carver says

The jacarda trees are very beautiful. I love the color of their flowers.

Hannah says

Lovely photos! I love the colour, which to me is in between blue and purple. :-)

Leora says

Ah, thanks for answering my question.

EG CameraGirl says

I see purple too. Over the years I have wondered if some botanists are colour blind. I mean, have you ever really seen a blue rose? ;)

The jacaranda sure is a pretty tree!

Leora says

Or color blind? In any case, it was glorious to see the tree in bloom in several cities I visited.

Frank (The Early Birder) UK says

Beautiful blooms.

Karen says

Oh, I love jacaranda! They have such a lovely scent.

Lorri says

I love these photos and love the purple (yes, I see purple) tones. Each one is a beauty.

Maybe in certain light they appear to be a periwinkle tone?

DeniseinVA says

I've never seen purple ones before. Your photos are lovely and what a beautiful tree!
Have a great week Leora,
An English Girl Rambles

Daniel Saunders says

The talk page for the Wikipedia entry lists a number of disputed points, but most of them seem to have been removed from the article.

Leora says

Daniel, thank you for the explanation, and good to hear from you.

Eileen says

The are beautiful trees, I love the pretty blossoms. Great post, Leora!

bettyl says

They are just so gorgeous! I've only seen one purple one here in New Zealand.

Ramblingwoods says

I think it looks like a wonderful blend of blue and purple...but purple is the first thought.... Michelle