Raritan River Watercolor: Boy and Fisherman

Fishing by Raritan River, watercolor painting by Leora Wenger 2013
Boy talks to Fisherman by Raritan River, watercolor painting by Leora Wenger 2013

I finished this watercolor painting of a boy talking to a man fishing at the Raritan River two weeks ago at the same time I completed the Highland Park Traffic watercolor. This watercolor belongs to a series of art projects that I have done on this theme. I’m going to replicate some older art river/fisherman projects on this post (so you don’t have to click back to look).

Here’s the drawing of the boy and man:
boy with fisherman

And here’s a colored pencil sketch of the scene:
Boy and man fishing by the Raritan River, drawing in colored pencils 2013 by Leora Wenger

Finally, this is a Raritan River watercolor I did last summer, of a similar scene by the Raritan River:
Raritan River watercolor: Relaxing by Raritan River

I have some ideas for a next watercolor: maybe a combination of an Israeli flag with jacaranda blooms, mabye an illustration of a therapists since I am working on websites for therapists, maybe another Highland Park scene – we shall see.

9 thoughts on “Raritan River Watercolor: Boy and Fisherman

  • Do you prefer the last one over the others? Haven’t you slightly altered the man’s position between the drawing and the other two? They’re all great in their own ways.

    • No, I can’t say I prefer any of these (though the colored pencil sketch is my least favorite).

      Doing people in watercolor is hard. I prefer the drawing of the boy in the pencil drawing to how he came out in the watercolor. That’s one reason I may switch (back) to oils at some point. In oils, one has more control. But oils take a lot of set up and more time.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Hannah.

    • I’m thinking a butterfly theme would work nicely for her site … sort of like, set a person free … but that’s up to her.

    • Somewhere I have a photo of a bench by the Raritan River. I seem to return to this area of Donaldson Park every few months. I’ll pay more attention on my next expedition.

    • I didn’t really feel like I needed to stick to realistic colors. I enjoyed painting the trees various rusty reds and sap greens.

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