Ocean City Sunrise

sunrise ocean city
On Monday morning I woke up my daughter early, and we headed from our hotel room to the beach a block away in Ocean City, New Jersey.

sunrise ocean city beach
She took her iPad, and I took photos with both my Canon Rebel camera and my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone. It was a fun morning to view the skies. The day before had been rainy – I think that helped with the drama of the skies. The top photo was taken a few minutes before the lower one. It’s fun to watch the skies gradually change.

We tried the same experiment two days later, but my daughter was much more tired and the skies not as dramatic. I would love to photograph Ocean City sunrise again sometime. If you get all the variables right, waking up for sunrise on a beach can be wonderful.

ocean city with ferris wheel
There are lots of amusements on the boardwalk in Ocean City. We went on two different Ferris wheels, one time at night. But there is no liquor sold – it’s a dry town, so lots of families come. I took the Ferris wheel sunrise photo before the top two sunrise on the beach photos.

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