Nature in New Jersey and Maryland

Peace and Friendship Garden
Peace and Friendship Garden

We visited my eldest son this past weekend at University of Maryland. Because most of the events were at the Hillel, we walked back and forth numerous times between the Hillel and the hotel. On the way to the Hillel we saw this garden, and on Friday afternoon I had my camera with me so I took this photo. I was impressed by the “natural” looking sculpture that was part of the garden, and I love seeing well-cared for perennials. You can learn more about this Peace and Friendship garden. The sculpture is by Chinese artist Han Meilin and named The Peace Tree.

pond in Holmdel Park
Here is the pond in Holmdel Park in New Jersey (photographed two weeks ago). Nearby is a lovely arboretum (I was too tired to take my big camera, but there was some great hawthorn trees with berries and some interesting evergreens). I photographed the pond with my Samsung Galaxy 4. There was a London plane tree on the other side of the pond – its “fruit” or nuts look like tennis balls.

Longstreet Farm pig
Here’s a pig at Longstreet Farm (part of Holmdel Park in New Jersey). We also saw pigs at University of Maryland – there is a little farm on the campus for those studying animal science and also horses for the equestrian club. Both sets of pigs seemed to like to eat dirt. Explain that one to me. My daughter named the Longstreet Farm pig “Piggles.”

20 thoughts on “Nature in New Jersey and Maryland

  • Beautiful series Leoraโ€ฆ that little pig is so cute!!!
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    • Maybe. I’m not big on forced gratitude. I think it bring back painful childhood memories. I’m grateful I don’t have to say Thank you for this that and the other thing.

    • I did like the garden. I didn’t get a lot of time to explore it, however. My family has different ideas of what they want to do with their time.

  • Perfect name for a pig and I think he is very cute…what a pretty place and I do really like the sculpture. I agree with you about how well it fits in…. Always nice to see you in Nature Notes… Michelle

    • Wish I actually spent more time in nature. Noticed lots of pretty foliage while sitting in the car driving back to New Jersey.

  • Beautiful fall scenes and a very cute pig! I have heard that elephants eat dirt for the salt content. Maybe the pigs are doing something similar?

  • I really love the hints of autumn tones within the trees. The views are serene and lovely.

    Maybe minerals in the soil are good for the pigs. Cute shot!

    • Must be something, because two weeks in a row, in two different states, we witnessed the pigs nosing through the dirt.

  • Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. One of the many wonderful things about social media is that it lets me get my fall foliage fix [try saying that five times fast… ๐Ÿ™‚ ] – even here in Israel!

    I hope you had a nice weekend with your son.

    • I did notice that Batya found a tree near her with yellow leaves. But then again, she lives in Shiloh, which is cooler than where you are!

  • Once again, my suspicions are confirmed… fall foliage on the east coast beats the pants off what we see out west. Although I did take a drive to Sun Valley at the end of October and the brilliant yellow of the quaking aspens really blew me away. I’d never been there at that time of year before. It’s always nice to discover something new about a familiar place.

    • And these photos are quite tame. Much prettier foliage elsewhere – my own block was quite brilliant one week ago (but I was buried in work instead of walking around with camera).

  • Great pictures Leora! the RSS feed to your blog disappeared from my computer, so I had no idea you had posted so much recently.

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