Houses, Roofs, Illustrations

House on North Fifth
The last time I started working on houses, roofs, and illustrated street scenes I got as far as this roof with second floor and then that was it for quite a while. I’m now tackling the projects of depicting a few houses in a row in a flat design illustration. So far, I photographed a few houses, searched for old photographs I had taken and decided it was easier to take new ones, did one or two pen illustrations from my house photographs, and started an illustration of one house in Adobe Illustrator.

I also pinned a fair number of house illustrations to Pinterest. I noticed the successful illustrations follow less is more … a few accents in color can go a long way.

After I do a few houses, I plan to work on illustrated trees, bushes and other elements you might find in an old-fashioned borough like Highland Park. I’m hoping I can find a way to do clouds that don’t look like everyone else’s clouds. Stay tuned for more houses, roofs, illustrations and my artistic endeavors in those areas.

10 thoughts on “Houses, Roofs, Illustrations

    • I took some more photos yesterday; hoping I have time next week to work on the illustration(s) I started yesterday.

      I value your feedback, Lorri. Thank you.

  • You know, creating a book of your original sketches, in and of themselves, would be wonderful. No color, just the black against the white, the initial creations, would present a beautiful book. Just a thought.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Lorri. I’ll be happy if I just do more … more illustrations, paintings, whatever. Maybe when I finally get ones that I like a lot, I’ll make some cards.

  • I love the idea of a book…. I admire your artistic ability. You may be a busy Mom who works, but you haven’t lost you in the process. I like that you take time for this… Michelle

    • I actually might use a few houses in a row for a work project if it comes out well … so far, I’ve done one house.

      I can’t imagine spending all week working at something un-creative … every now and then, I get projects that have a bit of creativity.

    • Thank you so much, Donna. Comments like yours give me the energy to continue to work on this – which is to get at least three different houses together in a row. This morning I started a second house, one that is taller.

  • I agree less is more especially when you’re trying to gain a good representation of the object or image. Great job my friend. BTW: I just realized you had this site and I love it. Subscribing

    • Susan, and you are inspiring me to work on this blog. I want to redo the side buttons; I have ideas for a more inviting SUBSCRIBE button. But one thing at a time.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement.

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