Umbrellas Watercolor

Umbrellas, watercolor on paper by Leora Wenger, 2013
Umbrellas, watercolor and gouache on paper by Leora Wenger, 2013

In continuation of a series of watercolors related to Raritan Avenue in Highland Park, here is my latest that I am calling: Umbrellas. I took at least ten photos of this watercolor painting in different light until I picked one that was closest to the image. It still had a little too much blue, so in Photoshop I slightly decreased the balance of blue. The idea of the painting was to emphasize the color of the umbrellas and the wetness of the day. The people are just busy.

You can see the original sketch for this painting and a previous watercolor of Raritan Avenue here. I actually rephotographed that painting and posted a new version.

The brighter less opaque colors in the watercolor on this page are done in gouache. I posted a detail of this painting last week on Google+. Go ahead and Plus One my watercolor Google+ posting, if you like.

14 thoughts on “Umbrellas Watercolor

  • What a colorful feast for the eyes! I love the varied tones and how they illuminate the scene. This is absolutely beautiful! You should feel proud.

    • I just joined a group on FB called One Watercolor a Day – so I get to do little exercises. Today I did one of flowers. May or may not show up on the blog … not sure. Just glad I’m doing some art, even if just once or twice a week.

    • I’m encouraging you all the way, Susan! I actually did do some more watercolor last night, the second exercise in One Watercolor a Day. The nice part about doing exercises is you feel like there is less at stake.

  • In the past year, I’ve seen how creative are and how you take the time to nurture your creativity. That is inspiring. Sometimes I make excuses not to do certain creative things, but in small ways, posts like yours have made me pay more attention to my creative urges outside of writing and blogging. I’m starting a photography course tomorrow. I couldn’t sign up for one at the university, so I’m doing an adult education course offered via the rec center instead. They even have a Paint Like Ross class that my husband and I might do since I’m sure that would be our speed 🙂

    • Jeri, I could give this blog the subtitle of “nurture your creativity.” Thanks for your kind words.

      I *SO* look forwarding to hearing about and seeing your photography. I could use a good photography class. I would like to buy a new camera, but as they are so pricey, I’m taking my time.

    • Thank you! I was inspired by a watercolor by an Dutch artist named Piet Lap who painted an Italian scene. He had lots of tans in buildings behind the many watercolors. That’s most of what is in his painting: colorful umbrellas and tan architecture.

    • Thanks, Jill. I always enjoy getting a comment from you. Funny about the blues – I had been thinking maybe I should have gone with tans or grays. I suppose the blues worked after all!

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