Review with Landscape Watercolor

Layered landscape
Layered landscape scene, watercolor by Leora Wenger 2014

Haven’t had much time to blog – I was working today (on a Sunday!) and helping my daughter with a school project (about Chana Szenesh), and all of a sudden, it was 5 pm. I started preparing dinner, and now that a few things are warming up I decided it would be a nice time to post the above landscape watercolor, one that is an exercise from One Watercolor a Day.

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15 thoughts on “Review with Landscape Watercolor

  • I look forward to the subscriptions box post as it is about time I pulled out my finger and started a newsletter and creating a list.
    The watercolour is lovely, very relaxing.

  • First of all, thanks for the link.
    Lovely landscape–so that is the painting that you based on the photo on the bottom of your Mount Meron post! You are doing some lovely paintings through working through One Watercolor a Day. I also loved the fish and the butterfly.

    • Thank you and you are welcome!

      I fear with Purim and Pesach coming, my watercolor painting projects may need to wait a while. But it is easy to get back into it (at least physically taking out paints and paper is easy).

  • I so look forward to what you’ve created, Leora. I find it fun and interesting to see how you use colors an texture to achieve your images. To me, watercolor is much more challenging because it’s far less forgiving. You do well with the medium.

  • I haven’t posted any photos lately online but I need to. The class at the rec center was only for five weeks. However, a Paint Like Ross class is being held. I kinda want to take it if hubby will to. What can I say, your blog inspires me.

    • Well, if it helps to know, my week got better. I showed one client a version of his home page, he was happy, and I’ve been doing work for one of my favorite clients today.

      But I couldn’t find an ink pen, so I haven’t been able to do the next watercolor exercise. I’m planning to borrow one from my friend Jill (my daughter’s art teacher), then I’ll buy one later.

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