Watercolor: Baby Dolls, Barbie Doll

Baby dolls, barbie, American Girl doll watercolor painting by Leora
Baby dolls, barbie doll, American Girl doll watercolor painting on paper by Leora Wenger, March 2014

This watercolor of baby dolls, a barbie doll and an American Girl doll was painted in response to a One Watercolor a Day challenge to paint some children’s toys. I gathered some of my daughter’s dolls in a basket, sketched a simple drawing, then they sat for a few weeks as Purim came, was a busy, fun time, and went. I finally had the time to do the painting (don’t believe the part about one watercolor a day – once a week is great, once a month feels like how it needs to be right now). It was fun to watercolor baby dolls, but I’m not sure how much time I will have to do more watercolor painting for a while.

Now it is “sandwich time” – a totally made up term by myself, meaning the time between Purim and Pesach (Passover) in which observant Jews get their homes ready for Pesach. I call it sandwich in that not only are we squeezed at this time to figure out how to get ready, we also aim to get rid of anything resembling a sandwich, such as cookies, crackers, cereals, pasta, pretzels and plenty of other other starchy items. You know all those gluten-filled items you own? We probably can’t own them on Pesach. One of the nice features is if we have unopened non-perishable goods, we can donate them to a local food pantry. I even learned I can donate my unopened box of chickenless nuggets to Elijah’s food kitchen in New Brunswick. Not sure if I will make it there for one box, but I love the idea of someone else using the food.

Do you do anything special at this time of year: clean your house, start your garden, get ready for a holiday or prepare for a trip? What were your favorite toys as a child?

12 thoughts on “Watercolor: Baby Dolls, Barbie Doll

  • I absolutely love the water color of the dolls! The tones are so soft looking. I love how the tinier looking doll in the middle on top looks so cute, squeezed between the others. The faces are wonderful and so expressive. You captured them beautifully.

    I do clean house, I do donate food to the synagogue to give to a food pantry, I cook ahead of time, and participate in a women’s seder before Pesach, at the synagogue. I also volunteer my time with the Jewish Federation, and Operation Gratitude.

    • Thank you, Michelle.

      Ah, spring cleaning – I do that, too, but I don’t enjoy it. Wish it were more satisfying. I’m just glad the snow is finally gone!

  • I love the water color of the dolls, that’s not surprise. What do I do at this time of year. Spring is starting to show itself right now so I would love to be in my garden. Alas, I am merging to homes. What that means is I’ll be purging, sorting, placing, storing and donating… ugh.

    PS: I hope you have an awesome Passover.

    • I hope next year is more settled for you, Susan! I have begun to putter a bit in my garden. It’s terribly brown right now. But I do have some crocuses.

  • The watercolour is lovely.
    We are just coming in to autumn, so pretty much at this time of the year we are preparing to hibernate – well not for a while yet as the weather remains pretty nice for some time yet.

    • Becc, when I hear about the seasons in Australia or New Zealand, I get an urge to stand on my head to understand it better. Sounds like a beautiful time of year.

  • Baby dolls freak me out a bit, I will admit. I was more of a Barbie type of kid. Hands down, I loved my model horses and my little ponies. Have you seen the little pony hyrid girl dolls that are out now?

    • That’s funny, your reaction to baby dolls! Haven’t seen pony hybrid girls, but I did see a non-barbie doll marketed. Her body type is supposed to be more like a real woman’s.

  • I’m so glad Jeri commented, I was thinking that I loved the skill you showed but baby dolls creep me out. Isn’t it amazing what you bring with you into adulthood?

    We are planning our first all family trip in three years. I can’t believe how much time has passed. The kids and I have traveled together or alone and my husband has traveled but this time we’re all going together!

    • Enjoy your trip, Debra!

      Funny how a subject can be neutral or interesting to one person and creepy to another. Never thought of dolls as creepy.

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