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Blue House Illustration

blue house illustration
This is third house illustration I have created. You can see one house illustration here and another house illustration here. I left out many details from this one. Is there a door? Do you see one in your head? In front of the “real” house, there are many bushes. I might add a few when I make the composite illustration. This house also has black outlines – the others do not. Oh, decisions, decisions.

And now comes the hard part – putting all three houses together in one mural. Will it work? I don’t know. Wish me luck. Maybe the tree illustrations, clouds and illustrative text will help.

Updated illustration:
blue house illustration blue trim
I toned down all that black outline by adding some dark blue trim. I like the illustration a little better. Still not convinced all those lines work … ah, the problem with too many choices. I’m sure I’ll be fussing with this more.

Here is a third version:
blue house with trim
Let’s play a game: How is this third house different than the other two?

Lorri M. says

Where's Waldo Woo? LOL The third house defines the first floor windows, more than the first two. I like the presentation with the extra lines above those windows. I also like the thinner lines around the second floor windows.

I like the dark blue trim better than the black. I do think clouds and trees will be positive aspects, if you decide to add them.

Nice concept/s.

Leora says

Lorri, thanks for commenting and for looking so carefully. I look forward to working more on these illustrations, especially when I combine houses with trees.

Donna Janke says

It's interesting how changing a few lines or shading alters the picture. Deciding which details to include and emphasis is what makes both sketching and writing unique.

Leora says

Donna, thanks for commenting. Yes, one can spend a lot of time working on details of shading and linework!

Susan Cooper says

I love to experiment like that on my drawings too. It's amazing the difference it can make in a image with a few tweaks and shadowing. :-)

RamblingWoods says

I had already looked at the comments before I took a really good look at the houses to see the differences..I like them though...and I wish you good luck...

Leora says

Thanks, Michelle. I can't say doing this one came easily. I'm not sure how much I like it ...


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