Blue House Illustration

blue house illustration
This is third house illustration I have created. You can see one house illustration here and another house illustration here. I left out many details from this one. Is there a door? Do you see one in your head? In front of the “real” house, there are many bushes. I might add a few when I make the composite illustration. This house also has black outlines – the others do not. Oh, decisions, decisions.

And now comes the hard part – putting all three houses together in one mural. Will it work? I don’t know. Wish me luck. Maybe the tree illustrations, clouds and illustrative text will help.

Updated illustration:
blue house illustration blue trim
I toned down all that black outline by adding some dark blue trim. I like the illustration a little better. Still not convinced all those lines work … ah, the problem with too many choices. I’m sure I’ll be fussing with this more.

Here is a third version:
blue house with trim
Let’s play a game: How is this third house different than the other two?

7 thoughts on “Blue House Illustration

  • Where’s Waldo Woo? LOL The third house defines the first floor windows, more than the first two. I like the presentation with the extra lines above those windows. I also like the thinner lines around the second floor windows.

    I like the dark blue trim better than the black. I do think clouds and trees will be positive aspects, if you decide to add them.

    Nice concept/s.

    • Lorri, thanks for commenting and for looking so carefully. I look forward to working more on these illustrations, especially when I combine houses with trees.

  • It’s interesting how changing a few lines or shading alters the picture. Deciding which details to include and emphasis is what makes both sketching and writing unique.

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