Imagination Landscape Watercolor

watercolor landscape from imagination
Imagination landscape by Leora Wenger, watercolor on paper, 2014

This is my response to exercise 13 from One Watercolor a Day: “This is a memory painting. In your mind’s eye, think of a scene in nature that left an impression of strong color with you.” I had just been looking at fall trees in Highland Park, New Jersey, but I got my mind to travel back to autumn in Newton, Massachusetts, where I spent my childhood years. I also thought of a winding road in Vermont or New Hampshire. This imaginary landscape takes place on an autumn day in New England – I see colorful foliage on a windy, uphill road.

I am quite pleased with this watercolor. It reminds me a bit of a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci of a copse of birches. And that drawing I remembered in my subconscious mind from years ago from a book called The Art of Drawing by Bernard Chaet. The influence is the composition – note the placement of the birch copse. There is plenty of so-called “white space” on the drawing. One doesn’t have to stick the subject front and center with little room on the edges.

Do you have any artists, drawings or paintings, authors or books who enter your subconscious while you are creating?

8 thoughts on “Imagination Landscape Watercolor

  • As you know, we don’t get real fall foliage here, and your beautiful, evocative painting brings back so many wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing it!

  • Hi, Mrs. S.! You need an excuse to visit us in the fall. And I need an excuse to visit you in the early spring, when the wildflowers in Israel are blooming.

    Thanks for the visit to the blog.

    • Michelle, the chapter I’m doing is landscape … so more nature. Need to pick a garden to paint. But I have a work project, so painting may need to wait a week or two.

  • This is so lovely, Leora. I love the tones and contrasts, and really love the fluidity of the branches/leaves, defining the pathway.

    Your “imagination” really took hold, and I like how this watercolor reminds me of impressionistic works, and also of surreal art.


    • Thanks, Lorri. I am happy with this watercolor (and that doesn’t happen often enough for me).

      Hope I can continue the rhythm of doing my artwork in between my work assignments.

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