The Reluctant Videographer: Miss Hannigan

Miss Hannigan in Annie, Jr.
Last week my daughter performed in a show: Annie, Jr. at the Highland Park High School in Highland Park, New Jersey. She had the role of Miss Hannigan who runs an orphanage filled with girls. Does she like her job? No. I have to say I never cared much for the story of Annie: too sappy. But as I now see it from the point of view of Miss Hannigan, I enjoy it much more. She clearly is totally in the wrong, wrong role in life. Of course, just because she’s miserable, why should she have to be so nasty to everyone else as well? She is pretty darn funny – she probably should have been a comedian.

A favorite line:

Some women are drippin’ with diamonds / Some women are drippin’ with pearls / Lucky me, lucky me, look at what I’m drippin’ with / Little girls!

The day of the show I figured out how to use the movie mode on my camera. Maybe by the next show I will use a tripod, but I did manage to get six videos online. With my middle son’s help, I put them on YouTube in a playlist: Annie, Jr. – HPYTC 5/14/15.

Here is Miss Hannigan singing ‘Little Girls’:

A scene of Miss Hannigan yelling at the orphans:

You can see the other four on the play list.

I had hoped to do more watercolors, but the show got in the way. The holiday of Shavuot is coming this weekend: best wishes to all that celebrate. One week later is the Israel Day Parade in New York City. After that, a special wedding of someone who I’ve known since she was one. It’s nice to have many celebrations, but I like time to do creative work, too.

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What do you think of the Miss Hannigan character? Does she have your sympathy at all? Or perhaps she bothers you a lot? Regarding video, have you done any videotaping? How have you gotten better at this task? Do you have a YouTube channel?

Oh, and the Reluctant Videographer is me.

11 thoughts on “The Reluctant Videographer: Miss Hannigan

  • I must have watched the Annie movie with Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan tons of times when I was a kid. I was raised on HBO movies… It’s hard to have sympathy for her character because not much back story is given if I remember correctly, but it’s been while. I love musical theater so much and how fun that your daughter is developing her talents. I have one YouTube video up currently, but took the one with my travel videos down. I definitely love editing video, but it is even more consuming than writing and editing the written word 😉

    • Thanks for watching, Jeri. It is wonderful to see my daughter shining on the stage. As for Miss Hannigan, I just imagine her back story in my head.

  • I think it’s a story that wide appeal for many. I agree with, a back story helps. Water colors aside, the part that shared was great. Your daughter did a great job. ?

    • Yes, my watercolors will have to wait a bit. I took a sewing class, and I need to finish up the project for that class. Lots going on.

  • I love your daughter’s ability to put herself into another person’s way of being! She is quite the talent, and her dramatic skills are so illuminating, from facial expressions, to other body language, to song and dance. I thoroughly enjoyed your videos. There can never be too many. xo

  • I’m not familiar with Miss Hannigan, but our daughter looked fantastic – a natural”drama queen” meant in the best sense obviously!! And good job filming Leora.

    • I knew little about Miss Hannigan myself before my daughter got the role. Thank you for watching. I appreciate the compliment on the filming – I am a neophyte when it comes to videotaping, but I see my daughter is only going to more and more performing, so I reluctantly will continue to learn how to capture her moments on stage.

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