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Swamp, Lake or Golf Course?

We were visiting my in-laws who live near (10 minutes by car) the Jersey Shore. I woke up early as usual (see moon above), and I went on a little expedition to the lake I mean swamp I mean wet, watery, swampy area that sometimes has birds near a golf course.

jersey swamp
I had once visited this area with my mother-in-law and my daughter. At the time I had an old phone, one with a poor camera. Of course, we saw a heron (see heron photo here). So this time I was prepared with my large fancy Canon, but no heron at all. Not even a bird. I could hear them, but they didn’t land. The day before I came with my daughter; we did see a colorful butterfly flutter around the plants in the distance. But that was Shabbat, and I had no camera at all. Often in life you have to just take what you can get – I noticed in my 2011 post I was complaining that my kale did not germinate. Well, this year it did! We shall see if any seedlings grow nicely into plants.

log in swamp
So looking around, what else was there to see? I did see this log – although it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

lily pads
I looked in the water to one side, and these lily pads floated on top of the lake swamp.

yellow flowers near swamp
I did see these little yellow wildflowers aligning the edge of the watery swamp.

orange wildflowers
Some lovely orange wildflowers were off to one side, further from the water.

orange wildflowers near swamp

sprinklers at golf course
Off in the distance I could see the sprinklers starting for the golf course.

Lorri M. says

Your photos are lovely! I love the capture with the moon, so calming and beautiful! The swampy area has many interesting things to view, even the log! LOL. i like the reflections in that photo. I am sorry you didn't see a heron.

Thank you for sharing your expedition!

Leora says

Lorri, I'm not sure I will see a heron again, but I can keep trying.

Eileen says

Hello Leora, the wetlands are pretty. I am sure the birds love it there. Your moon shot is gorgeous, great capture! have a happy day!

Leora says

"Wetlands" - now there is a term I will use in a future post. Thank you for that word.

EG CameraGirl says

Places like this are great for finding birds especially during their northerly or southerly migrations. I hope you kept your feet dry! (I usually step into a puddle or muddy place at least once when I visit a swamp.)

Leora says

Ah, migration periods! Good point. Maybe I will look that up. I assume spring and fall would be likely. I didn't step in any puddles, but I will keep that in mind.

Susan Cooper says

There is beauty everywhere if we just take the time to look, I love that moon shot. ?

Freda says

Lovely moon!

Michelle RW says

Oh my I love the moon shot.. really beautiful..I am so sorry that you didn't see any herons. Come to think of it I haven't seen any here either. Great wetland habitat though.... Michelle

Debra says

What a pretty place. I bet it sounds amazing as the evening approaches.