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Israeli Flowers in January

Tel Aviv daisy
One of the cool things about visiting Israel at the end of January was in all different sorts of places I found flowers! I am not used to flowers in January; I grew in the Boston area where what one found on the ground was usually snow. I photographed a variety of Israeli flowers in January. The yellow daisy above was somewhere near Tel Aviv.

daisy in Hakfar Hayarok
Here is a similar yellow flower – also north of Tel Aviv, in a different spot. We had visited my niece who is teaching English in an international high school. I am wondering if keen-eyed nature bloggers can suggest difference between these two daisy-like flowers.

Jerusalem pink flowers
These lovely dark pink flowers were growing in a garden in Jerusalem right behind Yemin Moshe.

Jerusalem pink flowers in front of the old city
This shot of the dark pink flowers focuses on the Old City of Jerusalem behind the garden. It was a lovely view.

thick leaves pink
This pink flower with thick leaves was in a location north of Tel Aviv. In Israel one can often find flowers and plants with thick leaves; the thick leaves store water, and almost no water falls in the summer, so the plants have to store it up to stay alive.

thick leaf vegetation
This is some kind of thick leaf vegetation by the Mediterranean sea north of Tel Aviv.

thistle in Hula Valley
I photographed this thistle in the Hula Valley. Contrast this green look of the thistle in a winter with abundant rain with the thistle I photographed back in 2008 in a drought.

wildflower in Israel, Har Adar
A tiny wildflower peaked out at me when I visited the backyard of a friend who lives in Har Adar, Israel, a beautiful village on top of a tall hill, the tallest hill in the west Jerusalem hills. Maybe it’s some kind of geranium? (See cranesbill that grows in front of my house, as a contrast). There was also abundant rosemary growing in the area. When I grow rosemary in New Jersey, it almost always dies in the winter. In the Jerusalem area, even the winters are cold, they are not as cold as in New Jersey, so the rosemary spreads and makes itself known. How nice to have rosemary naturally in your backyard!

yellow wildflower Tel Azeka
Enjoy some yellow wildflowers I found by Tel Azeka (a few minutes by car west of Beit Shemesh).

It’s been a while since I last posted. In the Nature Notes blogging world, something awful happened last month. I was hoping to get a comment on my last post from one of my favorite bloggers, EG Wow (real name: Tina Forrester). I learned to my horror that Tina and her husband had died in a terrible car accident. If you have never visited her blog, oh, sigh, you are in for a treat. But you will never really learn how warm and friendly her comments were when she commented on other blogs. May her family and friends know no more sorrow.

Lorri M. says

Your images are absolutely beautiful! I like the scene of Old City of Jerusalem! Your old thistle photograph is lovely, and the comparison of then and now is a nice touch. I like the variety of colors of the flowers...making for a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing!

Leora says

Ah, thank you again for enjoying. I have more Old City pictures ... so maybe one day I will post some of those. Usually, I need some kind of inspiration to put together a post. Hmm...

Eileen says

Hello Leora, lovely collection of flowers. Happy Spring! Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

Leora says

And I will have a good week, Eileen!

Ramblingwoods says

Lovely tribute to Tina and spot on.... I enjoyed seeing all your flowers as we don't see any at that time of year here either... My Nature Notes is about the 7 years I have had it....

Leora says

Ah, sigh, thanks for commenting about Tina. Upsetting. Glad the flowers are uplifting.

Batya Spiegelman Medad says

This post is one of the eighteen included in Shiloh Musings: Havel Havelim 18 Post Blog Roundup. Please visit, check out the others and share, thanks.

Leora says

Thanks for including me, Batya.

Susan Cooper says

No matter the circumstances, flowers seem to find a way to brighten our day. I've probably mentioned this before but I'll say it again - I LOVE flowers and your images do them the honor they deserve. ?

Leora says

So kind of you to say so, Susan!

Kathy Andrew says

Fabulous photos leora. The thick veg. ones with the pink blossom are iceberg plans. They grow out here in California like weeds and are particularly prolific near the coast. Usually the flowers close up when the sun isn't shining, and come in a variety of bright pinks and lavender. Your choice of focus points is lovely. What a treat to see these!

Leora says

Kathy, thanks for the identification of the iceberg plant flower. Interesting how similar flowers grow on different coasts.

Jeannette Paladino says

Leora -- the flowers are beautiful. You must be enjoying your trip to Israel so much. How wonderful to see flowers blooming in winter there.

Donna@Gardens Eye View says

Beautiful flowers...when we were in AZ at the end of February, the desert was in bloom...what a sight!


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