Watercolor Sketch: Esther Points at Haman

Esther points out Haman
I started this sketch of Esther pointing out Haman to Ahashverosh of Persia way back in December. It is based on an old painting – if you want, you can look it up. I liked the idea of the boldness of Esther. Is she someone to emulate? Can we find evil and point it out? Even if it means risking out lives?

The story of Esther is told at the Jewish holiday of Purim, which usually falls in the early spring. So you would think December would be enough time to finish a sketch? Mind you, this isn’t a full-scale oil painting, although I think portraiture (especially three people) is much easier in the medium. Well, December rolled in January and February, when I went with my daughter to Israel. Then I got offered some great website work when I returned … I am still working quite a few hours a week for a school at Rutgers University. Fast forward … daughter went to camp, husband took son to college orientation in Maryland. I’m home alone … what do I pull out, but this painting! Started it again. The first time Haman turned out like a blob of black. I intended to give him a three-cornered hat instead of the Dutch feathered cap in the painting I used as a model. Maybe next time.

I will now spend a bit of time poking around for inspiration for a new watercolor sketch. Suggestions welcome.

7 thoughts on “Watercolor Sketch: Esther Points at Haman

  • It’s hard to go back to old work. But this is a good watercolor representation of the original. My only thought is the character on he left has a very different expression which changes the context. But then that’s why it’s called “original” artwork right?
    I painted this morning while I’m still in recovery from surgery. I like to pull things from what’s around me, and then try and abstract them. Today it was an olive tree. Will send or post when I’ve finished.:-).

    • Hm, does he have an expression now? My original sketch depicted Haman as a black blob. This was an improvement.

      Glad to hear you are recovering well and doing art work. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • I love this, Leora, and how it depicts Esther as an assertive, forthright woman, not only through finger-pointing, but also through her expressiveness. You did a wonderful job on this lovely watercolor!

    • Esther was my main focus! Glad you like it. I find portraits in watercolor quite hard.

      We had a bibliodrama workshop (actually, two). I think one was with Purim characters. The other one we had to choose women related to the Chanukah story, like the story of Judith. It was challenging.

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