Mask for Purim

Purim is on Sunday. It is one of my favorite Jewish holidays – it gives me the opportunity to be creative. The other details one needs in order to get those creative juices flowing: time, energy, inspiration.

Every year for Purim since my children were little, we have decorated oatmeal containers, filled them with treats to eat, and given them out to our friends. The giving out of food gifts is specific to Purim – it is call Shaloch Manot (or Mishloach Manot) – literally, sending of gifts. This is the first year none of my children are available to help me – the two eldest are no longer living at home, and my daughter started high school with a rigorous academic schedule, a school play and a Shakespeare mini-competition. So I decided to work on the containers on my own.

Here they are so far:
Purim containers

I did not use any photographs as I have in the past. I covered each one with my Purim wrapping paper. I did use my Esther points at Haman watercolor illustration that I made last summer. I decided it needed something green. So last Sunday while my daughter was working on her computer on an assignment that she did not like and wanted my company, I decided to work on my computer and create a mask with some green. That’s the mask on top of this post.

Explanation of the mask: part of Purim is dressing up. It’s not at all a requirement, but many children and some adults do enjoy this part. Purim also has themes of “hidden” – there is a custom of eating kreplach, for example, which is basically a wonton (and a wonton has “hidden” meat). Esther had to hid her identity in order to save the Jewish people. When one wears a mask, one is hiding a bit of oneself.

11 thoughts on “Mask for Purim

  • I love your creativity, not only with the oatmeal containers and wrapping paper, but the lovely, lovely mask, also!

    • Thank you, Lorri. I love receiving your comments. It makes working my whole schedule so I can write a creative post like this one worthwhile … I am glad I added something new this year. Who knows what next year will bring.

  • I can’t wait to see what you come up with for next year. BTW, I consider the mask ‘artwork’, even if you don’t. xo

    • Funny how you picked up on that one little mention. It’s a program called Envision. Daughter is playing the part of the Boatswain in the Tempest. I am enjoying practicing her lines with her. They have only rehearsed about twice, and supposedly they are performing this sometime before the school play, which is taking up much of her time. I think other Jewish day schools also will be performing the same scene. I don’t think I get to see it.

  • These are so pretty! The green mask really adds a lot. I still have the one you made for me when the kids were little and use it in my studio to hold paint brushes. I’ll take a pic this week and post on your FB page.

    • Thank you, Kathy. I do enjoy working on them. I find it relaxing. Some people I know always like getting dressed up, like my eldest son (he was Pajama Sam) or my daughter (she was the Queen of Hearts). As for me, I like a creative arts and crafts project that I can give out to my friends.

  • How fun. I was not aware of Purim and the traditions around it till now. Thanks for sharing and I do hope your daughter was able to get her assignment done in good order. ?

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